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The Dolomites

In August we took a trip to the Dolomites. Located in Northeastern Italy, the Dolomites are mountain ranges that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage stretching across the regions of Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto, and Friuli Venezia Giulia. We spent four days driving through the Italian alps making frequent stops to hike and explore. Some of the most notable places we explored were Mount Seceda, Tre Cime, and Lago de Sorapis.

Our favorite part of the Dolomites was hiking Tre Cime di Liverado, the most iconic mountain range in the Italian Alps. The views are nothing short of incredible as endless array of jagged mountain peaks stretch across the horizon. We spent the whole day from sun up to sun down, hiking around the three famous mountain peaks as well as the surrounding areas. Our goal for each hike was to visit as many Rifugios along our hike as we could.  The Dolomites are filled with cozy wooden cabins that welcome you with traditional food and drinks.  Historically, rifugios provide overnight shelter for passing excursionists.

One thing in particular we found surprising during our hike around Tre Cime was the distant sounds of cow bells filling the air. We soon found ourselves walking next to wild cows grazing along the hillside of the mountains.

All in all the Dolomites are nothing short of amazing. It is truly such a special place with panoramic views of mountain ranges everywhere you turn. We spent a total of four days exploring and really only scratched the service of all there is to see in the Dolomites.