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Galdhøpiggen / Part One

Afield's member  and collection one model, Austin Hua, takes us on a journey through his trek through the tallest mountain in Norway. These write ups were taken from his journal he wrote throughout his trip.

September 5, 2016
Two days ago I arrived to Spiterstulen [hut at the base of Galdhøpiggen] around 4pm, then began to hike up to Galdhøpiggen [Norway’s tallest mountain]. I hiked for about 4 hours, then I had to set up camp. On snow. I’d never camped on snow before. I stomped and compacted the snow. Then I tried to set up the tent. The stakes were not staying put. It took me a few minutes, but I finally realized that I needed to grab rocks to weigh them down. Thank goodness. It was windy. I got inside and did everything to stay warm. The wind was blowing down the mountain, blowing snow. I hoped the stakes and tent would stay in place. I woke up a few times throughout, but I made it through the night. 

 I was greeted by clear skies and sunshine. Glorious sunshine. I took my time, packed my go bag, then started up. The hike was mostly through snow. I made it past the two peaks, and was at the top of Galdhøpiggen in an hour and a half. It was amazing up there, to overlook all the other peaks and snow and ice. And it remained perfectly sunny.

I climbed down, back to my tent. I took a nap. Then I decided to pack it up, and make it down to Spiterstulen and begin the hike to Glitterheim [hut at the base of Glittertind]. The hike down was actually kind of brutal. Lots of snow and endless rocks. I was pretty beat when I got to Spiterstulen, but had to carry on. It was about 630pm. I continued to Glitterheim. I hiked up the mountain for about two hours, to where the trail split toward Glittertind and Glitterheim, and the terrain flattened out. It was the perfect spot to stop and set up camp. There were tiny streams all around. It was also the perfect time to stop as well, as the sun was beginning to set. I set up the tent perfectly, cooked dinner and tea, and slept from 10-530.

This morning, I laid around until about 750am, when the sun light hit the tent. It was a happy moment. The tent and I instantly became warmer, and I felt more energy. I meditated on a rock, facing the sun. I spent the entire morning in the tent, relaxing, stretching, enjoying the view. I didn’t scoop up and leave until 1pm.