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Montana & Wyoming

A visual essay by Jayson Palacio

Experiencing a form of lackluster amid a global pandemic I felt it was important break free from normalities of my everyday life. As travel and businesses gradually open their doors over the course of the past few months I spontaneously opted to spend my 34th birthday far removed from my ecosystem. A societal extraction that often, I feel, needs to take place in life to break away from not only one’s day-to-day routine(s), but to also momentarily experience the freedom away from our zones of comfort. As humans we often gravitate to the familiar and tend to veer away from the beauty in discomfort. Solo travel does exactly that for me.

My sabbatical starts off in Montana’s Glacier National Park. Big Sky Country welcomed me with temperatures in the seventies and clear skies this journey jumpstarts with a hike to the Grinnell Glacier overlook. A once rambunctious glacier that’s now left with patches of snow accompanied by a translucently colored frozen lakebed to the monumental mountainous regions of the Grand Tetons in Moose Wyoming, Yellowstone and trekking back to Glacier Park.